Life 423 supports girls through their middle school years by investing in them emotionally and spiritually in a Christ-centered environment.

The Program

Life 423 is a middle school girls' ministry that meets weekly in the Cleveland middle schools and aims to encourage and emulate positive Christian lifestyles for the students involved. The meetings take place on Thursdays after school from 3:00-5:30 p.m. The program includes social time, snacks, worship, a lesson, small group discussion and journal time. Middle school girls involved in Life 423 are mentored by Lee University student volunteers and are able to grow spiritually and emotionally in a healthy environment. (Read testimonies)

Program Schedule

Following is a generic daily schedule for a Life 423 meeting:

  • 3:30 Sign-in and snack/social time
  • 3:37 Announcements
  • 3:40 Game
  • 3:55 Worship
  • 4:20 Daily Lesson
  • 4:40 Break up into small groups
  • 4:45 Journal Time (girls journal their thoughts about the lesson)
  • 5:00 Pick-up time


Life 423 was founded in the fall of 2009 by Lee University students, Anna Rich, Jessica Walker and Jessica Lane. The girls met while serving in another middle school ministry that unfortunately left their area. Inspired by this ministry and saddened by its loss, Rich vowed to build a replacement and was almost immediately joined by "the Jessicas," forming a real team that could pursue such a goal.
Their first semester was spent on the drawing board, and by Spring 2010, Life 423 was up and running. As of Spring 2011, Life 423 has grown from three members to 19 (plus a Lee University faculty sponsor) and has expanded to serve in two of the three local middle schools.

Future Plans

Plans for the future include further growth to take on the final middle school, Cleveland Middle, and continuing the development of depth in all three programs. Through the weekly program, Life 423 hopes to help develop strong Christ-centered young women who are able to face and overcome life's challenges and be productive members of the community.

The Name: Life 423

The name was decided to be Life 423 modeled after Proverbs 4:23, "Guard your heart above all else for it directs the course of your life." After already deciding on a name, founders Rich, Walker and Lane were awestruck to realize that "423" was also the area code for Bradley County. It further assured them that God indeed had a plan for the future of this ministry.

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